Looking for models

Holger HaaseHi there,

thanks for visiting my site.

My name is Holger. I am a German photographer living in Cork (Ireland). On my Home page you will see a small sample of my portfolio.

Ever fancied getting some classy glamour or boudoir photography shots taken but didn’t know how to go about it?

Are you an aspiring model needing to expand your portfolio?

Or just like being in front of the camera to play with different roles?

Maybe you contacted a professional photographer and realised you just couldn’t afford their prices?

So why not work with me for free on a TFP (Time for Print) basis?

“Free?” I hear you say. “Where’s the catch?”

There’s none.

See, I got a regular day job and also work as a Private German Tutor which is what helps me pay my bills.

I therefore don’t intend to make photography a business and charge for it provided the ideas excite me, help me expand my portfolio and I get permission to publish the photos online.

Not having to worry about the commercial site of photography ensures I won’t have to focus on areas that don’t interest me at all, e.g. wedding or party photography, christenings or photos of your pet.

Instead I can focus on whatever I like such as urban and landscapes, travel photography, street art/graffiti etc.

What I am most passionate about, however, is portrait and glamour photography.

I really enjoy the collaboration between photographer and model, discussing the concept and together coming up with stunning results.

Unfortunately it takes two to tango and I am therefore always on the look-out for fresh volunteers.

Which is where you come in…..

If you’re interested in applying for a free photo shoot, please fill out the application form and I will then get back to you to discuss your suitability, the concept and days and times for the shoot. If your concept excites me and helps me expand my portfolio, I’d love to work with you on a TFP basis.

I generally prefer natural environments and backdrops such as apartments, countryside, city streets, free standing ruins etc. I am always looking for new location suggestions  but could also hire a studio. My preferred studio location is Platform 3. Should we agree to arrange a studio shoot I would just ask to share the costs for that which, I think, is only fair. (Shared studio costs amount to about €40/each for a 2-hour shoot.)

After the shoot I will generally need two to three weeks to go through the images and edit them and share them with you.

If you agree to a TFP shoot, you should also be OK to allow the pictures to be posted online to my portfolio. I have received a large number of requests for boudoir style shoots where the model for obvious reasons prefers to keep the photos for themselves. I totally understand and respect that. In those cases I would just request a small fee of €90 to cover all expenses.

So in short:

Exciting idea & publishing rights = TFP/Sharing of studio costs

Request for confidentiality and privacy = €90

How does that sound?

Hope this tickled your interest in arranging a shoot.

Looking forward to hearing from you.